Learn more about Borovets

Borovets is the oldest and the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria

Dates from 1896, when it was built the first holiday villa and later King Ferdinand built a summer residence. Until the mid-20th century is known as Chamkoriya, which translated from Turkish means “pine forest”. In the 60s and 70s of last century began the construction of the first hotels and holiday homes that are an integral part of today’s image of the resort. It is situated at 1300 meters above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila. Borovets is located only 10 km from Samokov and 70 km from Sofia, which makes it the closest to the capital ski-center. The distance to Plovdiv is 125 km and to Blagoevgrad – 83 km. The resort has twice hosted the World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing. The climate in the resort is mild, winter is mild and snowy. The average temperature in January – the coldest month is around minus 4,8 ° C. The ski season usually runs from mid-December to April.

The resort offers excellent conditions for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. Moreover, in the high season snow reaches 2 meters in the higher parts of the Rila mountain – ski center Markudjik – highest ski point: 2,560 m, creating unique opportunities for extreme skiing. Marked ski runs are 24, with a length of 58 km. Longest run is 12 km. Slopes are suitable for beginners and advanced. Tracks for ski running have a length of 35 km. There are facilities for biathlon and ski jumping hill. There are conditions for night skiing.

Due to the numerous hotels, restaurants and bars the resort guests can indulge on holiday or enjoy the pleasant and intense nightlife. In the summer Borovets attracts tourists with the beauty of the mountains, the peace and quiet of the pine forest, cool and fresh air. Borovets is the starting point for hikes on marked routes to various sites in Rila: to the Musala peak (6 hours and from the top of the gondola – 3 hours), the palace “Sitnyakovo” (1.30 hours), hut “Chakar leader “(2.3 hours), the palace” Saragyol “(3 hours), hut” Maritza “(4.30 hours), hut” Zavrachitsa “(6 pm).