Sagit K

Reviewed April 15, 2018

Great ski instructors – Albena and Peter

We had 2 amazing family ski vacations in Borovetz with Albena and Peter as instructors (March 2017 and 2018). Adults and kids had a great time on the snow and showed quick progress.

Both Albena and Peter are very professional, patient and explain clearly which corrections are needed. They also speak fluent English and great Hebrew.

Hope to see them in 2019 :-)

Date of experience: March 2018

Moshe P

Reviewed March 10, 2018 via mobile

The best ski instructor i could imegine

Petar Chakalov is a very recommended ski instructor.

I spent two mornings with him as my instructor and i wish i could have some more time with him. His attitude to the ski mountain and me the student was excellent. He has a very good professional skills and the know how to instruct direct to the point with immediate improve.

His sense of humor and patience just add to his excellent attitude. It was grate time for me to meet Petar and I’m looking for next year.

Blagodaria petar.

Date of experience: March 2018


Reviewed March 1, 2018

Great ski experience – Petar ski instructor!

Highly recommended ski experience!!! we had a ski vacation with our kids (age 6 and 8 ) it was their first time , Petar was our kids instructor. He was very nice and sensitive, teached our kids all the basics with an amazing way and after four days of fun and enjoyable lessons they both were skiing with us all the slops!

Petar was even talking basic word in Hebrew so our kid could understand him perfectly!

we can’t wait to go back and ski again with the great and professional Petar :-)

Date of experience: February 2018

Gregory D Tel Aviv, Israel

Reviewed February 28, 2018

Petar ski instructor

This year our kids joined us for a ski vacation and started learning skiing from zero. We had a great lack to have Petar as a private instructor for three days. I recommend to reserve him in advance because he’s pretty busy.

Date of experience: February 2018

Mariano A

Reviewed January 27, 2018 via mobile

Best ski instructor

Petar is simply the best ski instructor. He has incredible patience with our 6 years daughter and very kind and nice.

Date of experience: January 2018

Marija M

Reviewed January 25, 2018 via mobile

Excelent ski school

Petar is fabulous ski instructor. Our son still speaks about him and the dun he had while learning skiing. Absolute recommendations!

Date of experience: January 2018

Кристина П

Reviewed January 11, 2018 via mobile


Great Ski lesson – Peter is a very helpful, friendly and calm trainer! I can totally recommend him to everyone who is looking for a ski lesson. After several very useful hours and a lot of fun I am leaving Borovets very happy with the desire to come back and continue learning and enjoying!

Date of experience: January 2018

Sofia M

Reviewed January 8, 2018 via mobile

Great teacher!

Peter is a great teacher!Thank you very much for my first lessons,definitely recommend him! He was speaking English fluently and he was very good instructor!!!!

Date of experience: January 2018


Reviewed January 8, 2018 via mobile

Great lesson with peter

Great great!!! Peter is a great teacher!!! It was so nice have the first lesson with him❄️I want to come back and do this again.

Date of experience: January 2018

Da A

Reviewed January 6, 2018 via mobile

Amazing ski lessons in Borovets

As beginners, we received great ski lessons while also having a lot of fun, all thanks to an amazing, supportive and kind instructor, Petar!

Date of experience: January 2018

Johannes B

Reviewed January 3, 2018

Great Ski lessons! Thanks! From Boris & Jan.

Last week, Petar learned my son Boris (7 years) and me to ski in 3 days! The basics of course :-)

The lessons where done with a lot of technical attention, and above all in a nice atmosphere! Peter takes really the time (patience) to explain the skiing techniques to my 7 years old son, on such a way that the boy really likes it (with compliments so he’s gaining confidence). My compliments for that!

I can truly say to everyone: if you’re planning to have your ski vacation in Barovets (btw = a great resort), and considering ski lessons, remember this name: Petar Chakalov!

Thanks Petar, we will back the end of February, for more lessons! :-)

Date of experience: December 2017

Gergana M

Reviewed April 6, 2017 via mobile

I’m really happy that Peter was my ski instructor.He is very friendlyfunny and calm.I was really skared and wasn’t sure that I’ll ever manage to ski,but I trusted him and thanks to him I spent 4amazing days on the slopes!Thank’s Peter!

Date of experience: April 2017

33 Iitayk

Reviewed March 28, 2017 via mobile

Wow it was great

Me and my son (5.5) learned to ski in 2 days – great ski instructor (Peter) and great overall experience and service- recommended!!!

Date of experience: March 2017

Силвия Х

Reviewed March 10, 2017 via mobile

Most patient ski teacher

Our instructor Petar Chakalov was most patient and took his time thoroughly explaining and demonstrating the basics of skiing during our two days there. It was so inspiring that we are determined we will keep on practicing this wonderful sport.

Date of experience: March 2017

Adam Y London, United Kingdom

Reviewed March 8, 2017

Best value for money

The private lesson with Piotr was much better value for money than the group lessons offered elsewhere. On my 4th day of skiing (ever) Piotr had me doing parallel turns down a red route within 2 hours. He was great at giving to-the-point advice that was easy to follow, and had some great exercises to push your ability by focusing on particular aspects of the technique. More than all that…it was fun!

Date of experience: March 2017

Nufarelad Tiberias, Israel

Reviewed March 8, 2017
ski lessons with peter
I came to borovets and took private ski lessons with peter
it was the best i ever took .peter found out my ski level very quickly
and gave me the exact tips i need to improve my ski
2hour lesson for 3 days
I became more confident and enjoyed very much
Date of experience: February 2017

Harpino London, United Kingdom

Reviewed March 7, 2017

4 person lesson for 2 hours – excellent

We booked a lesson for 4 friends for 2 hours in Borovets last week (March 2017) and Piotr was our instructor. We got through lots in the 2 hours, and all progressed a lot thanks to some simple but very useful guidance and exercises. Piotr was really friendly and helpful, and accommodating to having a bit of difference in ability in the group (3 of us were parallel, one was snowplough (not by the end of the lesson though!)). He took a nice picture of us all too :-) Highly recommended.

Date of experience: March 2017


North Wales

Reviewed March 6, 2017 via mobile

Learning is fun!

I’ve been skiing for years but knew I could be better so had my first lesson in 10 years with Peter. He was very patient & helped me break my bad habits & improve my technique. I was always afraid lessons would be like school, not a holiday, but this was great fun. Thank you!

Date of experience: March 2017


London, United Kingdom

Reviewed March 4, 2017

The best ski instructor in Borovets

I had my first experience in Borovets with Peter teaching me. The lessons were very good. Peter was very friendly and patient, made learning fun and easy to understand instructions. I couldn’t believe how much I learnt in the first days of training. The instructor was at some of the highest levels in Borovets and he made learning so achievable. I was also provided with directions to places, tourist information and all the best advice about what to do in Borovets.

Recommend for anyone at any level of ability.

Date of experience: February 2017

Michelle T


Reviewed March 1, 2017

Excellent instructor

My husband and I had 3 days of 2 hour lessons with Peter in Borovets – he was very calm, patient and friendly and we both felt we had improved. We also took away his hints and tips and tried to remember his advice whilst skiing during the rest of our holiday. He was very good at knowing when to push us further and I was really pleased to make it down my first black run! If we return to Borovets we will definitely be contacting Peter!

Date of experience: February 2017

Nicole Nikiforova

Reviewed February 28, 2017 via mobile

Ski school, Borovets

I took some lessons with Peter and was so happy, that he was my coach! I had had an inquiry, so was really nervous about skiing? But he is such a professional! We did some worming up before the lesson, then some exercise and that is the right way of learning how to sky! If you are a bigger or you’d like to improve your skills, Peter is the best choice for you!)

Date of experience: February 2017


North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Reviewed February 26, 2017

instructor Peter

Just returned from a week in Borovets. I had 3 days of two hour lessons with Peter. At a beginner level and very nervous on the slopes I felt private lessons would be good for me. Thank fully I had the lovely Peter as my Instructor. He was calm and supportive and really helped me gain confidence on the slopes and improve my technique. After my 3 days I booked an extra 2 hours with Peter as I wanted to continue to improve and feel safs out on the slopes.Thank you Peter.

Date of experience: February 2017

Миглена И

Reviewed February 21, 2017 via mobile

Ask for Peter !

I was on vacation in Borovets and wanted to perfect my ski skills. I went to this ski school and met with instructor Peter, who was very friendly. I took some lessons with him and then I felt much more confident, my skiing technique became excellent! lessons with instructor Peter are very fun and useful. For several hours he teaching you skated like you lived all life in Borovets and every day you skated !!! thank you for everything Pepi !!!

Date of experience: February 2017


Belgrade, Serbia

Reviewed February 16, 2017

Instructor Petar

Borovets is great place for skiing and taking arest,beautiluf mountain with a lot of slopes which are for intermediate skiers.Petar is excellent instructor with great carving technique,lots of good exercise to improve your skiing

Date of experience: February 2017

Eli K

Reviewed March 9, 2018

Great skiing experience with Albena

We went on our first ski experience with our two daughters (6 and 8). The best decision we took was to ask Albena to be our ski instructor. Albena has demonstrated great professionalism and patience. Just after 2 days we were skiing on the slopes. Albena has great attitude, and she has really increased our confidence and made us feel safe. Before we have started we were a little worried of combining 2 adults and 2 kids in the same group. Albena has made it work – she was able to provide every one of us with exactly what he/she needed. Last but not least, after spending 6 days together, it was just please pleasant to spend time with Albena – she is a very nice person. I would defintly recommend her as your ski instructor.

P.S. – Albena speaks some Hebrew, and can help organize some more activities around Borovets.

Date of experience: March 2018

Doug S

Reviewed July 8, 2018

Albena is great and always helpful

Alebena has been the ski instructor for our family for years now. She has always been great with our boys from a very young age. Always patient, flexible and easy going.

Date of experience: April 2018


London, United Kingdom

Excellent Skiing Lessons with Albena Minkovska

Reviewed 15 March 2016

I was in Borovets for 3 days and in a group skiing lesson with Bena. The lessons were really enjoyable and I was really surprised at how much progress we made in such a short period of time – especially just on the first day. It has given me the appetite to do more skiing in the future and this is mostly because of Bena’s tuition. She was very patient and the 1 on 1 skiing on the bottom green run really helped my confidence. Thanks Bena!

Date of experience: March 2016

Peter F


Albena (benny) was a brilliant instructor

Reviewed April 3, 2016

Myself and my friend had benny as our instructor. Benny was very patient and took us to the blue slopes on the top of the mountain and also other blue runs. She was very patient with all abilities in the group and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for lessons in Borovets.

Date of experience: February 2016


Reviewed February 14, 2017

Greate ski instructor

Me and my daughter took few lessons with Peter. We had a great experience with him. Peter is very professional , responsible and a nice person.After Peter’s lessons I feel much more comfortable and confident on the skis .Peter has fluent Russian. I recommend Peter as a instructor , you will have a great time with him.

Charis V

Heraklion, Greece

Reviewed February 13, 2017

Ask for Petar!

My sister and i had a whole day ski lesson with Petar and he was a great instructor and a really good person!

He was very good in teaching, spoke english well ( sth not common in the area of Borovets),he paid good attention to us being really caring and -avove all- he was extremely patient with all our beginners moves (falling from the lifts, falling generally…etc).He actually saved us!

Above all he is a kind person and that’s obvious in his teaching method as well!

We strongly recommend him and we’ll find him agan in our next trip to Borovets!

Date of experience: February 2017


Reviewed February 12, 2017

Great experience

I want to recommend a ski instructor Peter Chakalov. I had lessons with him for a week and it was excellent. He is a professional, calm and was watching over me. I felt very safe with him and have fun learning.

Date of experience: December 2016