Musala peak

The majestic heights of the Balkans await you on this hiking day-tour to Musala Peak. The pinnacle of the Rila mountain range with it is 2925-meter (9596 feet) summit, 6th highest in Europe.

Starting the day early from Sofia, transfer to the famous Borovets Resort, and ride the gondola lift to neighboring Yastrabets summit. From here the hike begins as the path leads towards Musala Peak via stops at the Musala chalet and Ledeno Ezero(Icy lake) mountain shelter, and onto the last stage of the trek to Musala Peak. Rest and take in the surroundings before returning.

Witness the breathtaking mountain panoramas and pristine lakes on this moderate difficulty hike. For anyone in good physical condition with a passion for supurb vistas.

Prepare comfortable walking shoes, rain coat and sandwich.

Malyovitsa peak

Malyovitsa is a peak and ski resort in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria. It is 2,729 m high and is one of the most popular tourist regions in the mountain. The Rila Monastery is situated at its southern foot, and Malyovitsa Ski Centre — with two downhill tracks and two ski drags — is to the north. The Malyovitsa region is the cradle of Bulgarian rock climbing and mountaineering. The imposant north wall of the summit was first climbed in 1938 by 2 Bulgarians (about 200 m, grade UIAA V+). That was the greatest success of Bulgarian climbers for its time and is deemed as the date of birth of Bulgarian mountaineering. Later other walls in the region were climbed too with the most difficult routes being made in 1970s. In the last 15 years, Malyovitsa region has become very attractive rock-climbing district with the possibilities it gives for mountaineering and sport rock climbing. Note: you do not need to climb on the rocks in order to get on top of the peak!

Your Day in Malyovitza

Malyovitza valley and peak (2729 m) is our very highly recommended hike in Rila Mountain, especially for experienced hikers who also like rock climbing and alpine reliefs. By car you will reach a point about 1.30 hour from  Sofia. From the parking we start to walk trough the path to  Maliovitza Hut . After the Hut we continue to the top about 3 hours, we stop at Elenino lake for a rest. Hiking to the top is moderate dfficult and we reccomend hiking stiks. From the peak we go the same way down.